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Elevate your beauty expertise by joining our community of professionals. Our website offers comprehensive courses for plastic surgeons, aesthetic medicine doctors, and cosmetologists all centered around the art and science of beauty. Enhance your skills and become a leader in the industry today.


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Trust in our qualified team. Our staff is verified and comprised of experienced professionals in their respective fields. Get to know our expert instructors by browsing their profiles on our website.

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  • Who are our lecturers?

    We are proud to offer a team of highly qualified lecturers who bring a wealth of experience. Our expert instructors are comprised of licensed medical doctors and seasoned cosmetologists, hailing from Poland and Ukraine bringing the cutting-edge beauty techniques popular in Eastern Europe.
    Established in 2005, Princesse® Academy has become a leading aesthetic medicine clinic and training center in Poland. Each of our lecturers has been carefully selected to bring their unique expertise. You can learn more about their impressive backgrounds in the Staff section of our website.

  • Is online learning inferior to the onsite learning?

    Your approach is the key to success in online learning. Although some practical experience can be beneficial, our online courses are designed to be accessible to both beginners and experts. Our lecturers present the topics in clear, simple language, breaking down each step to ensure everyone can grasp the concepts.

    It’s important to be self-disciplined while taking the online courses as there is no instructor physically present to correct mistakes. To ensure maximum benefits, we suggest watching each course multiple times, taking detailed notes, not treating the learning process superficially.

    The benefit of online learning is its flexibility – you can start the course at a time and place that works best for you, there is no pressure to keep up with a class pace. This relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is conducive to retaining and consolidating knowledge. Additionally, you have the benefit of being able to revisit training videos and lectures at any time, giving you the opportunity to supplement your knowledge and perfect your skills.

  • What qualifications do you need to take advantage of online courses?

    Our courses are aimed at plastic surgeons, aesthetic medicine doctors, cosmetologists and beauticians. In order to take a given course, you need to check what are the legal requirements in your country to perform the procedure. By purchasing the course, you admit that you meet the local law regulations. Taking an online course does not give you any additional rights in the legal sense – it is only familiarization with the selected technique. Qualifications can usually be acquired through studies or state examinations in individual coutnries.

    All our trainings are intended for experienced and in-experienced users. If you are, for example, a gynecologist and want to retrain to aesthetic medicine, it is worth getting the appropriate specialization first, and if there is no such possibility in the country of your residence – to take advantage of a stationary training. We try to ensure that our courses contain as much knowledge as possible on periprocedural topics, but to provide services with the highest standards, it is worth having solid knowledge based on traditional teaching.