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Injection treatments

Tissue stimulators

Tissue stimulators have transformed the field of aesthetic medicine and are now widely used to address facial and body aesthetic issues. They stimulate collagen and elastin production, hydrate skin, slow aging, reduce wrinkles, increase skin thickness and tightness.

Treatments using tissue stimulators have gained significant popularity and continue to grow in demand as they provide comprehensive skin rejuvenation without the negative effects of excessive filling or unnatural stretching.

In our course, we concentrate on techniques for administering stimulants to various parts of the face and body, as well as the increasingly diverse range of substances available. Instead of focusing on individual company stimulators, we will educate you on the ingredients they contain, as the biostimulation market is rapidly evolving with many new products being introduced. Thus, you will learn how to analyze the composition of most preparations and choose active substances to address specific skin problems. We will cover concentrations, substance combinations, usage, and mechanisms of action.

You will also learn about potential complications, contraindications, and other important aspects of the treatment.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive an e-book training script, a printable participation certificate, and a starter pack of social media graphics to promote your new service.


Tissue stimulators


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You will learn in this course

Qualification for the procedure and posible results

Choosing the right application of the preparation

Appropriate depth of the preparation application

Recognition of the course of vessels and tendons in order to minimize the risk of the procedure

Working with a needle and cannula and choosing the best cannula

Work on the face, neck, eye area, hands and elbows

Contraindications, health aspects, post-treatment care and healing process

Recognition and prevention of complications


Tissue stimulators


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Why online learning?

  • You don't waste time commuting and you can use the course from anywhere in the world

  • You learn at a convenient time in comfortable conditions

  • You can redo the course to consolidate your knowledge and not miss anything

  • You choose your own learning pace - you can complete the course in one or in several days.

Course content

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    Video tutorials
    step by step

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    with the tutorial script

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    social media graphics pack

Training benefits

  • A beautiful certificate in your chosen language ready to print

  • Downloadable training script in the form of an e-book

  • One-year access to the online course in the Customer Panel

  • A set of graphics for social media


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Tissue stimulators


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