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Permanent Makeup

Ombre Brows

Ombre Brows has been the most popular eyebrow micropigmentation technique in recent years. It is characterized by delicate shading from heavily saturated tips to a delicate top and front eyebrows. This gives the effect of concentrated, slightly emphasized, but still natural eyebrows.

To fully master this technique, you need to achieve proficiency in liquid shading of pigmentation without visible borders and non -uniform spots. During the training, we emphasize this, in the theoretical part we give many ways to avoid the most common mistakes.

During the training you will learn several different shading techniques and learn what to do to make it smooth. You will perfectly master the distribution of work intensity along the length of the entire eyebrow depending on the client’s expectations as well as the density of hair and the type of beauty. You will learn to change the speed of the razor to get a specific effect, you will learn the difference between different angles of slope and extending the needle.

From the course you will learn a lot about contraindications and other aspects of work.

You will also receive a training script in the form of an e-book, a certificate of participation ready for print and a starter package for Social Media graphics that will help you advertise a new service.


Ombre Brows


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You will learn in this course

Qualifications for the procedure and pre-drawing

The perfect choice of color saturation in different parts of the eyebrows

Eyebrow shape correction

Perfect shading of pigmentation - from dark to barely visible

Appropriate depth of work

The selection of needles and the speed of the razor

Safety during surgery and disinfection techniques

Preventing complications and their recognition


Ombre Brows


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Why online learning?

  • You don't waste time commuting and you can use the course from anywhere in the world

  • You learn at a convenient time in comfortable conditions

  • You can redo the course to consolidate your knowledge and not miss anything

  • You choose your own learning pace - you can complete the course in one or in several days.

Course content

  • +

    Video tutorials
    step by step

  • +

    with the tutorial script

  • +

    social media graphics pack

Training benefits

  • A beautiful certificate in your chosen language ready to print

  • Downloadable training script in the form of an e-book

  • One-year access to the online course in the Customer Panel

  • A set of graphics for social media


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Why choose Princesse® Academy?

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The staff are well-known lecturers
from the beauty community
with pedagogical background

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Great emphasis on theoretical knowledge
and safety of the procedure

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Detailed instructions on how to properly
perform the procedure

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Additional content
for each course


Ombre Brows


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