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Piercing Advanced

The rise of individuality in fashion has led to an increase in the desire for unique and personalized appearances. Unusual body piercings are becoming increasingly popular, particularly those made in intimate areas to enhance sexual experiences. This procedure requires great skill from the piercer, proper technical preparation, and a thorough knowledge of anatomy and safety rules.

During the course, you will learn advanced piercing techniques, including piercings in various parts of the ear, intimate piercings for both women and men, and tongue piercings. You will become knowledgeable in microdermal techniques, Surface Bar, and creating tunnels.

Additionally, you will learn how to choose the right type, shape, and material of the earring, as well as the replacement after the proper time period.

You will be informed about the healing process and post-operative recommendations that should be shared with customers. The course will also provide information on potential complications and how to handle them, as well as other important aspects of the work.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a training script in the form of an e-book, a printable certificate of participation, and a starter package for Social Media graphics to help you advertise your new service

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You will learn in this course

Proper selection of tools

Selection of the type of earring and its material

Ear piercing technician: Helix, Mid Helix, Forward Helix, Low Helix, Industrial, Rook, Daith, Tragus, Triple Lobe

Piercing the tongue, making tunnels of the auricle

Microdermal and Surface Bar techniques and their removal

Men's intimate piercing: Ampallang, Doyde, Guiche, Frenum, Prince Albert, Hafada

Women's intimate piercing: Christina, Inner/Outer Labia, Horizontal/Vertical Hood, Clitorial, Froouchette

Contraindications and proceedings in the case of complications

price: 1 zł Includes 23% VAT

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Why online learning?

  • You don't waste time commuting and you can use the course from anywhere in the world

  • You learn at a convenient time in comfortable conditions

  • You can redo the course to consolidate your knowledge and not miss anything

  • You choose your own learning pace - you can complete the course in one or in several days.

Course content

  • +

    Video tutorials
    step by step

  • +

    with the tutorial script

  • +

    social media graphics pack

Training benefits

  • A beautiful certificate in your chosen language ready to print

  • Downloadable training script in the form of an e-book

  • One-year access to the online course in the Customer Panel

  • A set of graphics for social media

Why choose Princesse® Academy?

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The staff are well-known lecturers
from the beauty community
with pedagogical background  

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Great emphasis on theoretical knowledge
and safety of the procedure

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Detailed instructions on how to properly
perform the procedure

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Additional content
for each course

price: 1 zł Includes 23% VAT

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