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PDO/PLLA threads

Foxy Eye

Hook or anchor-style lifting threads made of polydioxanone are a popular non-surgical solution for skin lifting. These threads work by mechanically stretching the skin and stimulating collagen and elastin production to increase skin thickness. Polydioxanone is a widely used ingredient that is also commonly found in absorbable surgical sutures.

Lip augmentation is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic medicine procedures, with hyaluronic acid being the most commonly used product for this purpose. However, patients are increasingly seeking to lift and subtly enlarge their upper lip without adding excessive volume. Lifting threads offer an ideal solution for this.

During this training, you will learn two methods of lifting the upper lip based on the patient’s anatomical conditions. You will also learn how to combine hyaluronic acid with the lifting threads to enhance the lower lip. The course will also cover important aspects such as contraindications and other considerations.

Upon completion, you will receive an e-book training script, a certificate of participation ready to print, and a starter pack of social media graphics to help advertise your new service.


Foxy Eye

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You will learn in this course

Qualification for the procedure and posible results

Correct anesthesia technique

Two methods of thread implantation in lifting eyebrows and eyelids - both upper and lower

Two eyelid lifting techniques - lifting up and "fox eye"

Selection of thread type and thickness - barb (hooked), anchor (anchors)

Actions of the active ingredients of the thread

Contraindications, health aspects, post-treatment care and healing process

Prevention of complications and their recognition


Foxy Eye

1 199,00

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Why online learning?

  • You don't waste time commuting and you can use the course from anywhere in the world

  • You learn at a convenient time in comfortable conditions

  • You can redo the course to consolidate your knowledge and not miss anything

  • You choose your own learning pace - you can complete the course in one or in several days.

Course content

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    Video tutorials
    step by step

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    with the tutorial script

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    social media graphics pack

Training benefits

  • A beautiful certificate in your chosen language ready to print

  • Downloadable training script in the form of an e-book

  • One-year access to the online course in the Customer Panel

  • A set of graphics for social media


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Foxy Eye

1 199,00

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