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Permanent Makeup

Soft Lips

This online course is designed to teach you the art of permanent makeup that enhances the natural beauty of the face. The focus is on creating a subtle and natural look, rather than an evening makeup effect. The Soft Lips method, which is a key part of the course, is renowned for its ability to imitate nature and create a light, youthful appearance on the lips.

You will learn how to create semi-transparent makeup without a heavy lipstick effect, making it ideal for people who want to avoid daily makeup application but still want to improve their lip appearance. The course covers everything from contraindications to rejuvenation techniques and more.

Upon completion, you will receive a training e-book, a certificate of participation, and a starter package for Social Media graphics to help you promote your new service. Join this course and learn how to help your clients achieve their best natural look with permanent makeup

price: 599 zł Includes 23% VAT

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You will learn in this course

Qualifications for surgery, selection of the method and pre -drawing

Delicate micropigmentation of the lips

Avoiding the diversity of color saturation in the area of ​​pigmentation

Non-contact technique of permanent lips

Appropriate depth of work

The selection of needles and the speed of the razor

Safety during surgery and disinfection techniques

Preventing complications and their recognition

price: 599 zł Includes 23% VAT

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Why online learning?

  • You don't waste time commuting and you can use the course from anywhere in the world

  • You learn at a convenient time in comfortable conditions

  • You can redo the course to consolidate your knowledge and not miss anything

  • You choose your own learning pace - you can complete the course in one or in several days.

Course content

  • +

    Video tutorials
    step by step

  • +

    with the tutorial script

  • +

    social media graphics pack

Training benefits

  • A beautiful certificate in your chosen language ready to print

  • Downloadable training script in the form of an e-book

  • One-year access to the online course in the Customer Panel

  • A set of graphics for social media


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Why choose Princesse® Academy?

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The staff are well-known lecturers
from the beauty community
with pedagogical background

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Great emphasis on theoretical knowledge
and safety of the procedure

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Detailed instructions on how to properly
perform the procedure

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Additional content
for each course

price: 599 zł Includes 23% VAT

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