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The content of each course is primarily a video film carefully developed by our band. This is not an ordinary recording showing the course of the procedure, but a very extensive step by step instruction divided into stages. In addition, each of the courses presents specific theoretical knowledge in the form of infographics discussed in detail by the instructor, so that every person, regardless of whether he remembers thanks to visual or hearing, it can take as much as possible. Interesting cases and details are also discussed to pay attention to. Each video additionally contains transcription inscriptions. The message is unified, constructed according to the effective didactic formulas we developed and based on our many years of experience in teaching. The duration of the video depends on the content – the films are not stretched in time, if it does not require the course formula so as not to waste your time. They are also not too short, so that each part of the material is thoroughly discussed.


Each course is accompanied by an e-book, in which you will find general information about our courses, instructions on how to use them, as well as training materials on beauty marketing, client psychology, handling of complaint and presenting your work on the Internet. The texts also contain references to regional regulations – the promotion of the Beauty procedure in Italy will look different, differently in Germany, and differently in the USA or Kenya. You will also learn how to start earning more on beauty treatments, how to react if you receive a negative opinion, and what to do if you fail. We will familiarize you with the best techniques of taking photos using a phone to build a portfolio and how to best write advertising post on social media, also with respect for medical ethics and the principles of fair competition. We will also answer the questions that we have most often heard from our students at countless full -time training. The e-book you receive is a real treasury of knowledge taken from many years of work!

Social media graphics pack

Each course comes with a complimentary package of beautiful graphics designed to be published on social media to promote the new service in your practice. It contains graphic material in a size of 1080 x 1080 px with a resolution of 72 ppi. This is the standard size of the images you post on Instagram, for example. In addition to this, your package includes a 1200 x 628 px graphic, which you can place as a background image on your Facebook page – when introducing a new service, it is a good idea to highlight the event in a highly visible place. Each graphic has been composed by our graphic designer so as to be eye-catching while not breaking the rules of good social media practice. Before publishing, you need to make sure that this type of advertising is legal in the country of your practice – in some countries it is not allowed to promote beauty or aesthetic medicine services. Graphics are designed so that in most countries they are not subject to advertising laws, but are merely informational material. We recommend that you consult with a local lawyer.


Upon completion of each course, you will receive an elegant certificate of attendance from us. This is issued in A4 size PDF format, which is suitable for printing. Attesting to your participation in a course is important and displaying your certificate in your practice is an added bonus that will help to attract new clients and reassure existing ones that you are still adding to your knowledge and keeping up to date with new methods. This is why our certificates are not only available online, but especially in a print-ready version. We encourage you to use the services of a professional printer, as home printers are rarely able to provide sufficiently high print quality and your certificate may simply not look good.

In addition to your name, the certificate includes the date you completed the course and a serial number, which allows potential customers to check its authenticity on our website. This makes your business even more transparent and you gain the trust of your customers!

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    How to buy course?

    If you are interested in one of our courses, the way to purchase it is very simple. All you have to do is add it to your cart, then fill in your information and make a payment by credit card, electronic transfer or through PayPal.

    It is very important to provide the correct first name and surname for the certificate in the “first name on certificate” and “surname on certificate” fields, as a later change to the issued certificate is not possible. In the next steps, you can provide the payer’s information if it is different. If you want to receive a VAT invoice, make sure to check this during the order and provide your company’s information – if you do not do this, it will not be possible to receive the invoice later.

  2. 02

    Where can I find my content?

    The course, as well as all additional materials, can be found in the Customer Panel. In the “My Courses” tab you will find the courses you have purchased, to which you have access for 12 months, and the e-books that are additional to the courses can be downloaded from the “My Certificates” tab. In addition, graphics for social media, which we include for free with the courses, will be placed in the “Download Files” section. After completing a course, a certificate with your name and surname and a serial number will appear in the “My Certificates” tab, ready to be downloaded and printed

  3. 03

    How to download the certificate?

    The certificate is issued after you complete the course you purchased. It will be available in your Customer Panel in the “My Certificates” tab. The certificates are prepared in PDF format, in a file ready to print. To download the certificate, simply click the “Download” button and select the target folder where the certificate should be saved on your computer. If you lose the certificate or accidentally delete it for any reason, you can download it again!

  4. 04

    How can I check the certificate serial number?

    Every certificate issued by us confirming participation in courses is marked with an individual serial number. This prevents abuses and ensures that your customers are sure that the course was actually taken by you.

    Having the serial number of the certificate you want to check, you just need to go to the “Check certificate” tab and enter the number in the search engine. If such a certificate is in our database, it will be displayed in the same form as it should be printed. Pay attention to whether the name and surname and the date of completion of the course are correct.

  5. 05

    How to print certificate?

    Most printing houses require specific file parameters for printing, including bleed and CMYK color space, and a high resolution. You don’t have to worry about this – the file we have prepared meets all these standards. Just download it and send it to your chosen printing house. We suggest printing it on paper with a gramature of at least 250 grams to make your certificate look good. Don’t print it on a piece of paper larger than A4 – the file was prepared for this size and the print won’t look good if it’s placed on a larger format.

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